Wednesday, July 12, 2006

new blogging sight

Please check out my new blogging sight. , you will find me sitting on my front porch at the lake....sipping my glass of ice tea.......

Monday, July 10, 2006

Tammy And Her New Hip

I am packing and heading to Toledo tomorrow. I am going to visit Judypatootie (Memories are made of this) We are going to get caught up on what is happening in each others life, drink tea and I hope to learn a thing or two about this blogging habit that I have. Judy is the person who got me started with blogging. She had one and I would read often and enjoy the pictures of family and friends and enjoy her stories. I was in Florida when I thought why not try one myself. I knew no one amoung my friends in Florida that could help me get started. I asked Judy many questions over the PC and with many questions and a lot of patience I did it. It is now just a everyday thing. I still have things to learn so tomorrow I will post a picture of Judy my mentor, and I while I take a quick class or two. Then I am on to my daughters house. Tammy, her dad and I were in an accident and she ended up with a broken hip at the age of 11. The doctors did not know what to do with a child so young. To make a long sad story short she waited to the age of 23 to get her first hip. Now at the age of 43 she is going to have the hip replaced for the second time. The lady who hit us got on the expressway going the wrong way, of course she had been drinking and had no insurance. That lady that day that did not care about whet she was doing changed my daughters life forever. I am so against drinking and driving because the person having a good time and a few drinks is not alert even if they think they are........( Please have a designated driver if you want to party) Tammy will have the hip replacement on Thursday. I will be her care giver, mom and friend for the next few weeks. My granddaughter Lindsey will also help her mom after she returns from her dads a few days after her mom gets home. Of course I will have my laptop and give you reports on how Tammy is doing. See you tomorrow at Judy's where we will have a tall glass of ice tea and just talk...........

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Beautiful Sunset

It was a very warm amd humid day at the lake. We had rain and sun and this is the beautiful sunset that apeared in the evening. Lindsey and friends went for a walk and I had them be my models in the sunset. We had s'mores over the fire and cinnamon rolls on a skewer. All was very yummy, and the girls had a good time. (So did the adults) Today we will venture to the water again and hope the sun stays out. We are suppose to have hail and rain this afternoon so want to take advantage of the sunshine while it is still here. I love the colors in the sunset pictures, it is like a canvas that God painted on. .
Everyone liked the cinnamon rolls we had last night and it was the first time I had ever had them, and they are so easy to make.
Need a package of Pillsbury rolls in a tube. You will need a long cooking fork put over camp fire till browned. Have a dish aside with butter and one with cinnamon. Roll ( the browned roll ) in the butter then the cinnamon. It is so good. I want to wish every one a happy and safe 4th. of July. Enjoy the fireworks and for those in other countries throw a snow ball or two for me.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Day At The Bay.........

Picture of the pond with flowers in bloom.
Day lilies by the pond.
Evening sunset
sitting on the edge of the dock.
The flags tell a story.
This is a picture of the fountain in the park at the bay.
This is a picture of the Perry Monument at the bay.
This is an old Lake Freighter that people made into there home. You see this on the way to the bay. This home has been featured on the Home and Garden show on television.
Charlie's son Lee his wife Donna and our grandchildren arrived safely after there 5 thousand mile trip from Alaska. They have stopped along the way on there 15 day journey. We as grandparents are so happy that they have come back to the lower 48 to live after spending 6 years there. We will now get to see Emilee grow up and watch AJ grow up in to a young man. As you can see from the pictures above they are camera shy so tomorrow I will take family pictures of them on the sly. The family went to Put In Bay which is a family island during the week and a party island on the weekends. Charlie and I got married at the bay 15 years ago on a 4th. Of July weekend. That must have been a time when I was wild and crazy because now you can not get me there on a weekend. What a difference 15 years makes.........We had a fun day on the Jet Express which is a ship that takes us to the bay. Emilee said she liked the big boat and she sure did like the pizza for lunch. I have been going to Put-In-Bay since I was 16 years old and it takes me a while to figure out how many years that has been....A long time.........
It is a wonderful day trip that we now do every summer and a fun place to take family and friends. On a clear evening you can see the Perry Monument from are patio, it has a light that shines bright like the light houses of the past. It is the end of a long and fun day and looking forward to tomorrow and more fun in the sun.

Monday, June 26, 2006


This stepping stone was a gift from a friend, her name is Carolyn. The same Carolyn that Judy from Memories are made of this refers to often in her blog.
The three of us were and always will be best friends. We do not see each other that often but when we are together we have so much fun. It is just like old times and we have so many happy memories of our children growing up together. The stepping stone is sitting by the pond at the lake and every time I see it I will think of Carolyn.
It will be Charlies and my 15th. Anniversary the 6th. Of July and I thought of the stone and the word love.... I was married the first time for 21 years and my x husband found a younger women and there I was, starting all over at the age of 41. I was single 7 years and then found Charlie. God does not close one door that he does not open another. I have found a wonderful person in Charlie. We like all couples have a few problems but I have to thank God each day for Charlie (THE LOVE OF MY LIFE) I know from experience that when something happens in life, you have to make the best of it and ask God for guidance and he will one day answer your prayers. I think he could have gone faster then 7 years but he will do it in his time...Not our time. So when times get bad we have to pick our self up and just keep going knowing that we are not alone. We have family, friends and now a new blogging family that we can go to when we need support. The stepping stone says it all.......LOVE

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Live is a Beach

Sunset at the lake
A beautiful day at the beach
Winston is looking at me as if saying, are we ready for the daily walk we take or are we going to sit here all day. I think he likes it at the lake as much as we do. Last weekend it was beautiful here, the sun was shining and the beach was full. On Tuesday evening we had a storm with six inched of rain. I have had the sun and rain and now I can sit and watch my sunflower grow. Because of the storm we had there has been no computer setup for a few days. I am thinking oh no....How will I post on my blog...How will I know what in happening in the lives of all my blogging friends. How will I pay my bills and balance my check book. I forgot how much I take this little laptop for granted, how much I depend on this little machine for my daily life. Then I think back to 10 years ago when I told Charlie I want a computer and he said it will be a fad with me and just sit around. Wow, did I prove him wrong on that one. I can not think of what life would be like with out this little wonderful window to the world. A wonderful way to keep up on what is happening miles and miles away. I love the fact that I can send a payment for a bill through the wires of this machine. I am so happy that I am in the world of all the new tech culture and I truly think that it will keep my mind busy as I grow older each year. I am always learning something new and that is a good thing for this granny. We are not the generation of grannies just cooking and cleaning the house. We are the grannies of tomorrow. We are always learning new things, so that we can keep up with the grandchildren. We are woman here us roar.............

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Then And Now.........


It is a warm day with a light breeze, just the right kind of day to sit in the sun and soak up the rays. My granddaughter Brittany called last night and asked if she and two friends could spend the day at the lake. This is the first summer that Britt has her own car and can drive. This is so new to this old granny, my little ones driving up to spend the day. What happened two that little girl that I use to color with? She has grown up, has a job and she is not my little girl any more. I went through watching my daughters grow up and now I am doing it one more time. And very happy and blessed to do so. I remember when she was three and I would have to stay with her at the water, then I remember when she was thirteen and we would go and get craft projects to do when she came to stay with me at the lake. And now she drives her to spend a day with her friends. Just like my memories have changed so have the bathing suits. I have watched so much change around me. But I happen to be a modern mature lady and I just go along with what is happening as long as I approve of course. I remember when that older granny was my mother and all of a sudden that lady is me. I look in the mirror often and wonder where that young lady is, the one with the good shape and nice smile with no lines on her face. That lady is right here, ready to take on this world we live in. I am older in years but still young at heart. I am an older women but watch me while I watch my little ones grow up. I am the THEN and they are the Now.........Come sit with me on my front porch and I will share another memory with you soon.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Under The Weather

Hi everyone in blogging land. I have had a summer cold and it knocked me down a couple pegs. I am feeling better today and did a few things around the house and in the yard. I am not moving to fast for fear of getting the bug back, no cold all winter and I get one in the summer time. My mom always use to tell me that mother nature has a way of telling us when to slow down. And if this is mother nature calling on me it sure did work. I have been laying around for 3 days and it is getting to me. I am going to read some of my favorite blogs tonight and I will post again tomorrow when I feel just a little bit better.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Lighthouse

There's a lighthouse on the hillside that overlooks life's sea. When I'm tossed, it sends out a light that I might see. And the light that shines in darkness now will safely lead us o'er. If it wasn't for the lighthouse, my ship would be no more. ( Ron Hinson )
The pictures are Marblehead Lighthouse in a little town called Marblehead in Ohio
It is a cute little town with shops and a few restraints and the whole town is on Lake Erie. The lighthouse is a wonderful place to sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of this place we call earth. It is another miracle of God's creation
Lighthouses are expressons of human creativity. Physically they represent triumphant solutions to complex engineering problems. Emotionally they exemplity drama, rescue poetry, romance, grandeur, nostalgia and artistry. (Charles Wysocki )
Charlie, and I had a small picnic at the lighthouse this evening. Winston had a good time exploring around the rocks and we took a nice walk. It was a beautiful evening. The picture of the house above is the home that belonged to the lighthouse keeper many years ago. They guided friendly strangers who were lost to there home port and a safe return. There are two ways of spreding light. To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Now at home working on this post I can reflect on the evening and enjoy my glass of ice tea. Come and sit a while with me on my front porch and I will show you more pictures of the lighthouse.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

School Time

Summer will be here and the children will be out of school. When I was a little one I always loved the last day of school and the first day of summer vacation. I can remember making a tent in the back yard with a blanket over the clothes line, my girlfriends would come over with there lunch bags filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My mom would make kool aid and we would have our party celebrating summer vacation time.
I love the memories of jump robes and pick up sticks and all the fun we use to have with kick the can. I have lived through the time of sitting in front of the big radio and listening to Ozzie and Harriet and Amos and Andy. Oh how the times have changed.......... And now we are in this new world of internet, the Ipod and cell phones. I love the days of old but enjoy all the new and modern, My grandchildren are on there computer and cell phone at the same time they are watching TV.
Now that I have gone through most of my memories of yeastier year I have a short story to tell you about me and my fifth grade teacher. As many of you have noticed I can not spell well and spell check does not always pick up my mistakes. Most of the words I have problems with are 5th. Grade words. I had a teacher who had to be the worst teacher in the world. Instead of spelling words or doing math we would take magazines and put them on the heater to warm them up and then put them on her chair so she would have a warm seat. When it was time for gym class the boys would cross there hands together and she would sit on there hands with her arms around there neck
and they would take her down the steps so we could have gym. The girls got to do her hair and put cream on her face. I could go on and on about her, we did every thing that year but learn. I know many years later the parents were trying to get her out of the school system. She has been gone for many years but how sad it was that I had to spend a year with her. If you are reading my blog and see miss spelled words you will now understand why. To all the school children, have a fun vacation and to all the parents out there ( HELP )
Now it is time to sit on my front porch and watch the little ones come home after there last day of school............

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Day At The Lake

There is a song that says...April showers bring May flowers that bloom in June. Well it will Be June very soon and the flowers here are beautiful and in full bloom. Memorial day weekend was very warm here in Ohio, but this evening we had a good rain fall and it cooled down a little. After the rain I went for a walk and found a mother and father goose walking and with there little ones. Also a mother duck looking after her eggs, mother nature at work. I planted my sunflowers and they are growing well. I often wonder at the earth and nature and enjoy all the miracles that happen every year at the same time. I took a picture of our pond, we have gold fish swimming and I love the sound of the water flowing from it. I have my wicker chaise sitting near by where I curl up with a good book and enjoy the quiet time, just me, my ice tea and nature. Of course I usually end up taking a nap and have to remember what page I was on. It is times like this that I realize how wonderful retirement can be. For all of you that are still working at a daily job, I will once in a while remind you that it will one day be worth all the time and effort when you like I can sit and watch my sunfloweras grow. Some think that when that time comes they will sit around with nothing to do, but if you have hobbies you enjoy you will wonder how you ever had time to work a job. I find my days going so fast and wondering where the time went. In my days that go by fast I always take time to thank God for each day he has given me. I try to look for the good in each day and always look at my glass have full. Talking about a glass I think I will pour another glass of tea, so stop by soon and visit with me on my front porch.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

13 Things I Am Thankful For....

1 - I am thankful that I live in the United States Of America.
2 - I am thankful for all the people in the Armed Services that help protect our freedoms.
3 - I am thankful for my children and grandchildren and their good health.
4 - I am thankful for all the good friends that I have.
5 - I am thankful for all the beauty of nature.
6 - I am thankful that I have Charlie in my life.
7 - I am thankful that I have faith in God.
8 - I am thankful for my little friend and puppy,(Winston)
9 - I am thankful for good health.
10- I am thankful for all of the people that I now know through blogging.
11- I am thankful for all the blessings that I have.
12- I am thankful for the bounty of food that this earth gives us.
13- I am thankful for my home and that glass of tea on my front porch.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Think Spring

Wow, it has been a busy day the sun is shining and it is warm and I am so happy. I do think the weather has so much to do with how we feel. It has been wonderful to be outside. I have been working in the yard, have planted many flowers and the pond now has water plants. I started out with a half hour walk this morning and did not stop moving the whole day. If some one saw me they would have thought I was the entergizer bunny, wind me up and watch me work. After last week and spending a whole week inside it felt wonderful working outside again.
I want to get the work around here finished so I can lounge with a good book and enjoy all the warm weather that is heading this way. This weekend will be very busy and start the summer fun here. We live in an association and will have a meeting on Saturday morning and a potluck in the pm. On Sunday we will get together with friends for dinner, Monday afternoon wave as everyone goes home for 4 days and then back to the lake for another fun weekend. Before long we will be out on the beach and wonder how time has gone so fast. My Mother use to tell me the older you get the faster time goes, and I would say 24 hours are 24 hours. Well I guess I have now become my Mother because I so agree with her.
I saw this picture and thought of Spring and good friends and I also thought of the many people that we blog with and feel that we are blessed to have found each other.
Well folks it is again time for that wonderful tall glass of ice tea while I sit back and read a few of my favorite things. The story of life of all my new friens. And remember if friends were flowers I would pick all of you so come back soon and visit me on my front porch.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

THURSDAY 13........

13 Things about me...

1.. I do wear glasses for reading
2.. I am left handed
3.. I have two daughters
4.. I also have a stepdaughter and stepson
5.. I have been married to Charlie for 15 years
6.. I am a great grandmother
7.. I am 5ft. 2in.
8.. I have big blue eyes
9.. I drive a Buick SUB
10. I am going to my 45th.H.S.reunion this summer
11. I enjoy reading a good book
12. I love my glass of ice tea
13. I do not like coffee
Just a few things about me...See you next Thursday for 13 wishes

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rain Rain - Go Away....

Guess what? I saw the sun for a total of an hour today. While the sun was out I went for a walk and I saw a few flowers in bloom. They were pretty with there dew drops I just had to watch for the puddels and high grass around them. I took a picture of the cut that looks lonley with no boats or jet skis yet in place. In another week or so the area I live in will be very busy and the traffic will be crazy. This is a resoet area and on Labor day weekend the action begins and will go all summer. What a fun place to live. I count my blessing often, good health, wonderful family and a good husband and a sweet little puppy that helps me greet my frinds. What more can one ask for. For me wealth is counted in blessings and I am truly blessed.
I took pictures of the little flowers I saw, the swing I sit on and the lake and beach I see each day. I also took a picture of a funny little guy with glasses that looks like Charlie. A few months ago Tammy e-mailed me with a picture and said Mom this looks like Charlie, for those of you who know Charlie you will agree, for others I will post a picture of Charlie and show you the resemblence tomorrow.
I love the picture of the vintage lady with the flower and you will see many vintage pictures on my post. I love anything that looks old, including my funny little man LOL. I just previewed my post and have no idea why it is underlined, I will fix that before the next post. I also wonder if any of you have a problem with not being able to see your blog after it says it has been published. Some times I have to wait a day to see the post. My daughter on the other hand has it right away
Not sure if I am the only one that has this problem. I also have been trying to post links and still am having problems with that one.
I took enough time with this post that it is raining hard again so I will stay in my little house tonight and have a glass of tea thinking about the sunset I may see tomorrow if the rain will please go away.